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Oh, I forgot to tell you guys!

I met with my advisor today so I could double check that I’d have time to finish up my psychology major once I get back from Germany. 

It turns out that after this semester, I’ll only need three more psychology classes to complete that major! And since I’m doing the majority of my German coursework in Germany next semester, the only German class I’ll have to take to finish that major is the senior capstone seminar. That means I only have four more required classes! Other than those, I can seriously take anything I’m interested in during senior year. 

As awesome as that is, it pales in comparison to the other thing my advisor told me. She met this guy through a family friend, and it turns out he’s a manager/partner at a major Industrial/Organizational Psych consulting firm in Atlanta, which is exactly what I want to do (not necessarily in Atlanta, but you get the idea). She told him about me and said that I was looking for internships and stuff, and he seemed excited about it. AND she said she was going to try to get him to come to Conway for a guest lecture since he has family here, AND she said that if she can’t get him to come do a guest lecture, he told her to just give me his information so I can get in touch with him!

Benefits of a tiny, tiny school: your advisor knows you really well and will do networking legwork FOR you.


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