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So I picked up Pokemon Y again and I’m trying to make some Pokedex progress. Anyone have a Pachirisu they want to trade me real quick?

In other news, the battery life on my new phone is pretty god damn remarkable. I unplugged it at about 730am, used it moderately throughout the day with the brightness set to auto-adjust, and I still have 35% battery 17.5 hours later! That’s pretty fucking impressive for a phone with a high-res 5.5 inch screen

I want a MkV VW R32 so badly

I’m going to have the hardest fucking time deciding on my next car (whenever the hell that happens) just because I fucking love European, Asian, AND (some) American cars

The R32 is a pretty compelling case though. 250hp, 6 cylinders, AWD, and all the practicality of a Golf. Plus the fucking dope center-mounted dual exhaust. I just hope I can find one in good shape when I have the money to go for it

Alternative to Edward Scissorhands

Amy Winehands

Why does Borderlands 2 feel like the longest game in the entire world

girl: bae come over
girl: my parents aren't home

Turkish Prime Minister returns Jewish American award

The group asked for it back because of comments made by Erdogan, specifically that Israel is currently acting as a terrorist state.

"Erdogan would be glad to return the award because of Israel’s actions in Gaza and the regrettable stance adopted by the present leadership of the American Jewish Congress vis-a-vis the recent attacks on the innocent civilians in Gaza."

Do you think the people who are calling for impeachment of Obama listen to the words they say

One of my favorite things about having a giant beard is that I don’t even attempt to catch stray drops of water when I’m drinking. It’s just gonna get caught and dry out anyway