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I have a habit of forgetting about Texts From Last Night for like a year at a time and then binge-reading it for four days



1. Pour out how much you think you need.

2. Wrong.


My white teacher was like:

"9/11 is arguably the worst thing to ever happen in the United States" 

All the pocs in the class, all 3 of us were like:


In addition to being complete nonsense, astrology also strikes me as powerfully arrogant. We can only see the smallest, most minute fraction of the stars. We assigned them shapes and figures, without regard for the distance not just from Earth, but from the other stars in their respective constellations. And at any of the infinite other locations throughout the universe beyond our atmosphere, those exact same stars would either be invisible or look nothing like their manmade constellations.

We are a quark inside of an electron spinning around a proton of an atom of a molecule of a cell of a tissue of the body of the universe. We are so utterly, fantastically, impossibly insignificant. Our entire contribution to the existence of the larger universe is one piece of metal, Voyager I, the only human creation to breach the solar system and travel through interstellar space.

We are not that special. The stars do not exist for us, they do not burn for us, they do not care if or how we live and die. They’re just stars, and they should remind us of our place.

I trimmed my beard in preparation for my interview tomorrow, and now i’m noticing spots i missed or made uneven

I’ll fix them in the morning but i’m still annoyed with myself for spending that much time on it and still not getting it right